Appetite for an independent Wales grows

By Bobby Kelly, Independent Journalist. Last edited 22:58 13/02/2021.

Amidst the rising appetite for an Independent Wales, Plaid Cymru has formally adopted a pledge to offer a Welsh Independence referendum within the first term of Government – if it get’s a majority in the Senedd elections on the 6th of May 2021.

Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales, held a conference on independence virtually over the weekend, formally approving the pledge made by party Leader Adam Price last year. 

The policy makes Plaid Cymru the only political party contesting the 2021 Senedd elections with a commitment to hold a referendum on Welsh Independence within a clear time frame. 

We might have also seen “Propel”, formally “Welsh Nation Party” pledging it’s commitment to an Independence referendum, but after it’s former name was rejected by the Electoral Commission following a threatened legal challenge by Plaid Cymru, the application to register a new party has been rejected.

Propel’s leader, Mr McEvoy said last month, “We have been given just two weeks to submit a new application, just four months away from an election. I believe this was deliberate, in order to damage our election chances and to rule out the possibility of judicial review, with the election being so close.”

YesCymru, a non-political organisation that has been campaigning for an independent Wales since 2014, has seen it’s membership grow to over 17,000.

At around the same time YesCymru where formed in 2014, polls suggested public support for an independence referendum was at 14% of voters, whilst a more recent YouGov poll put appetite for an independence referendum at 31%.

Respondents in another recent YouGov poll put appetite for a “devo-max” option in a referendum at 59%.

So far, more than 26,000 people have signed YesCymru’s online pledge backing a referendum on Welsh Independence. (Found here:

“Something is happening in Wales. The last two polls on independence put it on its highest support in history. Thousands have now joined the grassroots movement for independence, Yes Cymru. And an argument once derided as a pipe dream or a fantasy has moved from the margins to the mainstream.

“With an independent Scotland and a united Ireland ever more likely by the end of the decade, the people of Wales deserve an opportunity to decide whether they too want that independent future. 

We don’t want to win independence for independence’s sake, but rather for the sake of the thousands of families whose futures depend on Wales becoming a fairer, more equal nation.

“This is not about us and them. This is not about one person, a job, or a title. The only ‘self’ that matters is self-government – the ability to make independence a force for good.” 

Adam Price – Plaid Cymru Party Leader


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