Plans for a post-Covid independent Wales

By Bobby Kelly, Independent Journalist. Last edited 15:15pm 05/03/2021.

Following a poll for the ITV News Tonight programme in collaboration with Savanta ComRes revealed 39% of respondents in Wales favoured independence from the rest of the UK, Plaid Cymru’s Adam Price has set out his plans for a post-Covid programme of government at his party’s Virtual Spring Conference, with an impassioned call for independence.

“Britain isn’t working for us anymore – the Britain of my parents’ generation, a brave and hopeful place, no longer exists, it has been erased and, in its place, we have the moral vacuum that is Westminster. 

The future cannot be like the past.  And it will not be if we decide our own future. 

The poverty we see around us as a nation is not our destiny. But it is our moment of truth.

Seize that moment and there is nothing that is impossible.”

Mr Price said that if a Plaid Cymru Government is elected on May the 6th it would:

  • “Put in place policies to tackle child poverty, the housing crisis and invest to build the best NHS and social care services with more staff on better pay, and free social care for everyone who needs it.”

  • Universal free childcare from 24 months

  • A council tax cut for thousands of families

Vowing to “heal the deeper wounds of our nation” Adam Price, leader of Plaid Cymru said:

“Over the next few weeks and months (let’s) roll up our sleeves to receive our jabs, let’s also commit to doing the collective work we need to do to heal the deeper wounds of this nation.”

“Let’s ask ourselves “When all this is over, how do we want our world and our Wales to be different?”  

Plaid Cymru formally adopted a pledge to offer a Welsh independence referendum within the first term of Government last month, following a rising appetite for an independent Wales amidst the coronavirus crises.



“We are a nation which values above all else kindness, empathy and cooperation locked into a political system increasingly based on selfishness and greed.


The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the reality of modern Britain: a state defined by crushing poverty, ruled by a corrupt elite that gives contracts to its friends and denies furlough to its neighbours. 


The future cannot be like the past.  And it will not be if we decide our own future.”

Adam Price – Plaid Cymru party leader.


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  1. Mike Young

    independent Wales can use the excessive millions in taxes it pays to the ‘UK’ government to fund the NHS and other essential services, which are badly lacking or non-existent in many areas

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