The Official Roadmap out of Lockdown: Wales

By Bobby Kelly, Independent Journalist. Last edited:  12:01 12/03/2021.

The Welsh Government will lift the “stay at home” requirement in Wales from tomorrow and replace it with “stay local” First Minister Mark Drakeford will announce today.

From tomorrow (Saturday 13th of March):

  • Four people from two households will be able to meet outdoors to socialise, including in gardens.

  • Outdoor sports facilities, including basketball courts, tennis courts and golf courses, can reopen.

  • Indoor care home visits will restart, for single designated visitors.

  • From Monday, all primary pupils and those in qualifications years will return. Schools will have the flexibility to bring year 10 and 12 learners back and more learners will return to colleges. There will also be flexibility for in-school check-ins for all other pupils. All learners will return after the Easter break.

  • Hairdressers and barbers will re-open for appointments from Monday. (About a month earlier than England)

  • From the 22nd of March non-essential retail will start re-opening gradually as the restrictions are lifted on what can be sold in shops which are currently open. Garden centres will also be able to open.

  • All shops, including all close contact services, will be able to open from the 12th of April – the same date as in England.

The plans are somewhat different from those proposed in Northern Ireland, where they have a plan with no fixed dates

On the 5th of April Scotland “hopes” to lift the current stay-at-home restriction, but this will depend on data from measures being eased in March.

First Minister – Mark Drakeford, will say:

“We are taking a phased approach to unlocking each sector – starting with schools. We will make step-by-step changes each week to gradually restore freedoms. We will monitor each change we make, so we know what impact each change has had on Wales’ public health situation.”

The First Minister will also announce an additional £150m to support businesses affected by ongoing restrictions.





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